Another Damn Cook


When did *you* realize that you were a sugar addict?

After haphazardly posting photos and recipes on Facebook and Instagram for a few months, I decided to start Another Damn Cooking Blog. Just like everyone else I know.

Nothing fancy. Not a lot of ingredients or time consuming recipes. Well, not usually. No talk about “palettes” or “nuances of flavors”. (Again, not usually).

Home cooking that your mother wouldn’t look at and go, “What the hell is that?” Especially if your mother is from Iran or India. (Lots of curries, lots of Persian food.)

Most importantly: ย ingredients your grandmother would recognize.

I cook 100% wheat and gluten free, about 75% dairy free, and at least 50% vegan…and ย a lot of the dishes that aren’t vegan have specifically been created to be flavorful enough to take the meat out and be just as good. Some paleo, some decidedly not.

If I get a recipe from another cook and use any part of it, I always credit and link back. If you try any of these recipes, send me a photo! I love seeing what other people come up with.

You can find out more about me at

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