Cannabis Coconut Oil


The way I sell using cannabis to myself is by being a bit of a science geek about it. 

I’ve been meaning to do this for a few months, but every time I sat down to write, I’d end writing a couple of lines and then something shiny would catch my eye. That something shiny was usually the TV remote.

Okay, it was always the remote. It was catching my eye because I was, not surprisingly, stoned. Couch lock: the struggle is real-ish.

I’m not a long time cannabis user. I tried smoking it three times: once when I was making a record, (I got paranoid and hungry, two things I don’t need more of in my life), once when I was on tour (I don’t even think I inhaled, or if I did, I felt nada), and once after surgery when my sister told me it was good for pain. (It gave me an asthma attack.) You know how they say “third time is a charm”? Nope! The third time kicked me in the metaphorical nut sack*, so I thought that was a pretty good sign that smoking was not going to fly with me.

Fast forward ten or so years later when I was diagnosed with two chronic, debilitating diseases and was looking for an alternative to opioids. I happen to live in a super cannabis friendly city in a cannabis friendly state where not only medical MJ is legal, but our first recreational pot shops recently opened. If you *have* to have cancer or arthritis, Washington state is a pretty rad place to live.


  • 1/4 oz weed (flowers, preferably)
  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 t soy lecithin


  1. Preheat oven to 235 degrees.
  2. Course grind weed in food processor
  3. Put weed into pyrex or other oven safe baking dish
  4. Put dish on a sheet cake pan or cookie sheet
  5. Cover dish with a layer or foil and a snug fitting lid
  6. Bake at 235 for one hour
  7. Remove and let cool down until room temp or so
  8. Return to food processor and grind to very small pieces, not quite a powder
  9. Put weed back into baking dish
  10. sprinkle soy lecithin over the weed
  11. add melted coconut oil and stir
  12. return foil and lid to dish, dish to cookie sheet, and the whole thing back in the oven
  13. Turn oven down to 215 and let cook for 2 hours, stirring every 30 minutes or so
  14. Allow to cool
  15. Strain through cheesecloth
  16. Enjoy your baking and/or medicine making!


*Metaphorical Nut Sack is my new band name. Sorry, I already called it.

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