A Better Way to Skin a Watermelon


Did I say skin? I meant peel. Carve? Whatever.


Start with a cutting board large enough for the watermelon when it’s cut in half (this is important…don’t do it on the counter), a chef’s knife and…obvi…the melon.


Cut the melon in half, flip it over on the flat side, and start shaving off the rind. Don’t worry about getting all of the pithy white parts…you can go back and trim them, or eat around them if you are feeling lazy.


When you are done removing the rind and pith, cut off the top of the rind. It should look something like this.


These cuts are about 1 inch apart in either direction. Slice all the way through, and hold it together as best you can. (Don’t worry if it falls apart a little. You can always put the pieces back when it’s cut up.)


Put a bowl over the cut up melon, and invert the cutting board so the melon goes into the bowl. 


Like so.


And you have perfect little watermelon spears! 


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