How to Freeze Fresh Herbs


These are green onions, but this method works for just about everything.

All kinds of herbs in your garden threatening to go to seed? Freeze those bitches!


Wash them really, really well and dry them on your counter for a while. Then chop them down roughly.


Time for the ice cub tray! Measure out a tablespoon of chopped herbs into each little hole…thingy. 

Then fill each one with water, and cover with plastic wrap.


Let freeze, take out of the trays, and store in ziploc freezer bags. 


I’ve used this method for a long time, and the only thing it doesn’t work well on is basil. It’s way better to freeze basil in olive oil. In fact, I don’t think there’s a reason that you couldn’t freeze any of these herbs in olive oil. I usually like to freeze herbs in water, because I might be making something that doesn’t have any oil in it. Like, say…mojitos. 


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