Gardens, Kitchens, and Social Media Detox

Summer is notoriously busy around here, what with kids and the activities and the tomatoes that look like we live near a nuclear power plant…


(Yeah. And this was a couple of weeks ago. They are about 8 feet tall and out of control. I have to water them so much, I might as well be growing them hydroponically. Wait, is that a word? What am I trying to say? By the way, did you know that weed was legalized in Washington state this week? Not that that has anything to do with this post. Man, I’m STARVING!)


The rest of the gardens are coming along nicely, and I’ve either used, frozen or stored more herbs than ever this year.


View from my little bench. Which is…


…here! Morning coffee, morning papers, nirvana…

We’ve got a kale forest in the back yard.


This is what happens when you plant your kale seeds really close together, and just keep chopping off the baby kale. I wonder if my family has gotten sick of kale everything yet. Nah…

A wider shot…


Some strawberries, potatoes, mints, spinach, peas and…



So, there’s that. I’ve been grilling and barbecuing a bit instead of cooking indoors (because this summer in Seattle so far has been alternately pleasantly warm and oppressively hot), and doing a little bit of baking in the mornings. But mostly, I’ve been reading cookbooks. All kinds of them. Italian, Persian, gluten free, all gluten, paleo, decidedly not paleo, cooking with grains, cooking without grains, desserts, mains, salads…

Because I’ve been sitting a lot, and unable to do much walking, because my knees…well, they need to come out.

But in an effort to do everything possible to postpone another (stupid, dumb, no good) surgery, I’m having synthetic cartilage injected into both knees tomorrow.

I know. Gross. And also, ow.

The good news is that after the injections, I’ll probably be able to do a lot more cooking and baking and even MORE gardening…and soon, harvesting and “putting up” as my grandmother used to say.


This isn’t my photo. Nothing I have ever “put up” has looked like this.

And because I’ve been doing a lot of sitting around, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Facebook. Like…a lot.


Like, this much plus some more. A lot a lot.

I’m also on twitter and tumblr and instagram and…I don’t really use them that often.

But Facebook has made me it’s bitch. And I am not crazy about being anyone or anything’s bitch.

I wondered what I did before I was on FB all the time. What did I accomplish? How did I spend my time?


Oh, yeah. I used to be a musician. Shit.

That was before (stupid, dumb, no good) inflammatory arthritis stole my voice and ability to play guitar. But I made a lot of records, and you should buy them on iTunes. They are pretty good. (Ringing self endorsement, I know.)

I found that I was thinking in status updates. I was moving through my day considering how to phrase something that had happened to me or something that one of my kids had done. Social media had completely changed the way that I experienced the world. Any time I was bored or lonely or tired or upset or _______, I’d flip through my news feed, and would inevitably find something to distract me from whatever unpleasant feeling I was having.

Ugh. I don’t really want to be that person.

I’m not saying that social media is evil, or has no practical or positive uses. I just used it as a drug that I need to detoxify from. So, that’s the plan.

And in the meantime, I’m gonna accomplish things in the real world. Things like this:


Green Apple, Kohlrabi, Maui Onion, Sweet Pepper, Shrimp, Fennel Salad with Red Wine vinaigrette. I was mostly just trying to hone my julienne knife skills, but this was quite tasty.


Gluten free blueberry shortbread…recipe coming soon!



2 thoughts on “Gardens, Kitchens, and Social Media Detox

  1. Hey maaaaan, great post …
    What were we talkin’ about?
    Can I have a glass of water?

    As for the Maters, I think it’s space aliens, not nukes, ’cause ours are Feed Me Seymour big this year too!

    • Right? I can now say that I’m a proud occasional user of the herb without worrying that my kids will be hauled off or something. I f’ing love Washington state.

      I have seen some pictures of some crazy big early tomatoes this year. And if space aliens are responsible, I, for one, welcome our new tomato overlords.

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