Getting Closer… (Gluten Free/Vegan Bread)


It’s pretty good, but it’s not perfect yet, so no recipe until it is. I’m baking a loaf every morning until I get it right. Then, I’ll share the recipe. (My poor family!)

I haven’t shared any Thanksgiving recipes or photos yet due to the huge backlog of meals and recipes I have to edit, but I am getting to it. 

I’m also going to add a food review section for my 10 year old son, per his request. He gives star ratings to all of the gluten free dishes that he can stomach, (i.e., most of the non meat dishes.) and usually has some colorful food commentary to share.


6 thoughts on “Getting Closer… (Gluten Free/Vegan Bread)

  1. Haha!! I know the feeling! Well, if you are eating gluten free (and are into baking), this recipe can take care of both of those problems…I’m using high protein flours, and it’s way less expensive to bake bread than buy it, so woohoo! Problem solved. 🙂

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