Apple Turnovers (Gluten Free)


Hand pies! Looking forward to trying one with peaches. Mmm…peaches…

One of Darius’ patients has an orchard, and brings us apples in the fall and peaches in the summer. Such a score!


After yesterday’s marathon cooking session, I decided to call my dad for some backup. As of yet, he has not permitted photos of himself on this blog (or online, anywhere for that matter.) So, here’s one of me.



All right, enough of that. On to the recipes and the process.

We thought about apple pie and applesauce and apple butter (which I will probably make tomorrow), but what really caught our eye: apple turnovers. We looked around for a recipe, and decided to go with this one. Since it wasn’t gluten free, we used this gluten free pie crust recipe, and followed the rest of the recipe (and great video!) here.

The gluten free crust is…how shall we say…different from wheat flour crusts, in that it doesn’t really crimp. At least this one doesn’t.


On the bright side: we didn’t have to poke holes in the top of the crust.

The trick is to caramelize the apples before putting them inside the dough. I could have just eaten these apples without the crusts. Yum.



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