Tah Dig, Week Four: Successish!


A little history: I have been trying to make this Persian dish once a week for the last month. The first try was an absolute disaster. The second try was undercooked, which was actually better than the third try, which was…how shall we say…cajun.

This is my best try to date. It is a circle, it isn’t undercooked, and it isn’t charred. It probably could have used another 5 minutes over medium heat, but it’s crusty and saffrony and pretty damn close.



4 thoughts on “Tah Dig, Week Four: Successish!

    • I’m about to give it another try, so I’ll check out your recipe, too. I have been watching videos of Iranians making tahdig, and reading lots of blogs to try to get a sense of what others do. The nonstick pot is pretty important! 😉

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