Gluten Free Fish Tacos


I was out of the house most of the day, and had no plans to make dinner tonight. I thought we still had leftover dal, but nope. Someone might have eaten it for a midnight snack. (Not me this time.)

What defrosts and cooks quickly? Cod! But I don’t really like baked cod very much, and D doesn’t either. It’s crappy outside, so the grill isn’t happening. Guess that means we’re pan frying! Darn!

We were out of fresh salsa, so I pulled some slow roasted tomatoes out of the freezer, cut up an onion and some garlic, put them in the food processor with some olive oil and green chilis, and pulsed until they were rough cut. I poured some lime juice in, and thought the whole thing might be better if it was caramelized. Isn’t everything better caramelized? I’ve never really made cooked salsa before, and don’t even know if there is such a thing.


Heat a pan at medium high and sautée that onion/tomato concoction plus any spices you think would be good. (I used chili pepper, crushed red pepper, and smoked paprika and it was *spicy*) until it reduces down to a salsa like consistency, and has caramelized just slightly.

Pat the fish dry, and drag it through a milk and egg wash. Drag through gluten free panko breading seasoned with whatever you like. (I used Old Bay and nutritional yeast.) Repeat the wash and breading drag, and fry until brown in 1-2 inches of high smoke point oil. (I used Smart Balance vegetable oil.)

Serve with whatever you’d put on a fish taco! We ate it with leftover rice, soy cheese, shredded cabbage/kale/spinach mix on corn tortillas. (I had a little sour cream. Totally worth it.)

I didn’t measure anything. I almost never do when I’m cooking. Baking…a totally different story. I’ll try to come up with some measurements, but in the meantime, here are some photos of what I used and did.


Almost out of slow roasted tomatoes already. 😦


Getting started with the basics. I feel like I use these in every meal. Probably because I use these in every meal.


All that stuff cooking…


All the stuff for breading…





This should be up there with the tomatoes…this is what I used to season them.



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