White Girl Fail: Attempt at Tahdig

I really love cooking Persian food. Darius’ father is from Iran, so I was introduced to lots of different kinds of foods I had never heard of when we met.

There is one dish I haven’t tried, because it seemed way too difficult. Here’s what Tah Dig is supposed to look like:


Lovely, isn’t it? Courtesy of Turmeric and Saffron: http://turmericsaffron.blogspot.com/2010/01/art-of-making-persian-tah-dig.html

Here’s what my first attempt looked like.


Nailed it.
Why is it so white? Because the rest of it is black and adhered to the bottom of the pan.

I used all my saffron on the first attempt, but I thought…what the heck. It won’t taste like the Tahdig D grew up with, but it’s rice. How can you screw up rice?


I continued to screw up rice.


Third attempt. Starting to look a little more like food.


Fourth attempt. Tastes a little like scorched Rice Krispies. Not in a good way.


Fifth attempt. Kind of. But not really.

The verdict? Go to Google. Search “Persian restaurant” in your city.

If you want to try it, don’t do what I did. Check out Turmeric and Saffron‘s step by step tutorial. I’ll be doing this once a week until I get it right. Oh yes. It will happen.

6 thoughts on “White Girl Fail: Attempt at Tahdig

  1. Absolutely agree! 🙂 I will always post food fails, because 1) I think they are hilarious, and 2) it’s important for people new to cooking to know that everyone screws the pooch now and then.

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